Key Personnel

Our Executive Management Team is structured to meet every project requirement, thoroughly oversee all performance factors, respond rapidly when problems occur and achieve continual improvement in the quality of services.

Mary Parker, CEO - Ms. Parker is a recognized expert in contract security with more than 30 years of industry experience. She is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant who works with numerous government and corporate clients to develop customized plans and budgets in the areas of security personnel, security technology, background checks and traffic control management. At ALL(n)1, she is charged with developing the vision and direction of the company. This includes creating domestic and global alliances, reviewing operational reports and financial statements, approving company policies and standards, and promoting the company to the community and potential clients.

Rick Robinson, President - Mr. Robinson is responsible for overall corporate strategic planning. He is responsible for all financial and accounting requirements including payroll, accounts payable processing, P&L review, financial forecasting and client reporting.

Esther Hammond, CPC, SPHR - Director, Human Resources - Mrs. Hammond oversees the HR Division. With her concentration on producing results and passion for people leads the HR Function in delivering the support needed to attain the Company’s business strategies. She joined the ALL(n)1 team in June, 2011, and her background spans more than 16 years in varied fields of HR and leadership. Esther sits on the board of directors for Delta Community Credit Union and CredAbility.

Clarence Powell, Senior Project Manager - Mr. Powell is responsible for overall field operations and has held this position for four years. He has been with the company since its inception. He is the primary contact for ALL(n)1 clients to ensure project deliverables are being executed.

Rick Barker, Field Service Manager - Mr. Barker has over 20 years experience in the security technology industry. Prior to joining the ALL(n)1 team, he has held positions as Service Manager, Project Manager and Operations Manager. He is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction through effective management of personnel and processes related to all security technology projects.