ALL(n)1 is the nation’s premier, full service security solutions provider for any major entity needing to protect its people, assets and environment. Our clients range from major corporations, municipalities and schools, to airports, hotels and convention centers. We excel at identifying security gaps that leave our clients vulnerable, and design and implement customized solutions to fill those gaps and position the clients for ongoing safety. We accomplish this through our integrated approach combining revolutionary technology to secure locations and skilled personnel to monitor them. Our professionals are trained to operate seamlessly onsite, ever mindful of representing and protecting our client’s brand. ALL(n)1 is the safe choice in a high risk world where assets, reputation, environment and people are on the line.

Our Five Point Program:

1)      Conduct risk assessment. Identify gaps in security. This can encompass various and overlapping sites, traffic routes
       and technology – everywhere the client operates.
2)      Design solutions for a comprehensive security program to protect the client and eliminate vulnerabilities.
3)      Assign screened professionals to specific client needs. This can include our rapid deployment system, part of our 24-
        hour emergency response plan.
4)      Track, time and monitor critical areas on the client site and generate weekly reports.
5)      Proactively identify lapses and opportunities for enhanced security(cycle starts over again)

Our story:

Founded nine months prior to 9/11, ALL(n)1 entered the security space with a seamless, comprehensive approach that would prove essential to the concept of security at a crucial time in our nation’s history.

Through continually evolving technology, pro-active strategy and a culture of vigilance, we have never sustained a loss of life or property among our clients or our employees.

Everything we do at ALL(n)1 is based on a foundation of our core values:
 *   Honesty - The courage to refuse to lie
 *   Integrity - Always being trustworthy and incorruptible
 *   Loyalty - Being faithful to employees and clients
 *   Dedication - Committed to getting the job done
 *   Fairness - Doing the right things always